Boat shed going up.

As some of you know I’ve been building out of pocket and have had to wait for funds. I now have all funds for the build so it’s full steam ahead.

Part of my retirement plan is to build a large shop so I can finally finish the boat. It’s impossible to build a boat of this magnitude outside so this necessary to have a place that is not only dry but warm because the epoxy and paint need a constant temperature to cure. This is going to take a while but well worth the effort. I plan to put radiant heat in the floor and have heard it’s the shizzz. I’ve also started on the bridge deck but have many questions.

11 thoughts on “Boat shed going up.

    1. I see you have a new boat. I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on the Easy Sarah and and problems with sailing it across oceans. If so what would you build into it to help with any problems ie…. carbon products, bow sprit, storage, sails, galley up, bridge deck reinforcements ?

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      1. Peter Snell has done a great job of the Easy design and they are good sea boats with great performance if you keep them light. If you want to do ocean crossings, you want to reinforce the bridge deck. On Take It Easy we reinforced all the stringers where they met the bull nose. You also want a decent size water maker so you don’t have to build in large tanks to carry water. The storage on the Easy is great but if you stuff it full of gear or provisions, there goes your water line, performance and safety.

        As far as sails we had a main, genoa, staysail and symmetrical spinnaker which we used a lot. For downwind or Tradewinds sailing, the genoa and spinnaker are what we used the most – still do on Anui.

        We upgraded to Anui to get more payload as well as greater comfort. As live aboards and for ocean crossings you carry a lot of gear and provisions. In our opinion the 38 ft and the 40 Easys are not big enough and have insufficient bridge deck clearance for long range travel. But that is just our opinion. Hope this help. You should talk to Peter Snell and get his views and suggestions.


    1. I guess it will be nice when I get it done but man there is a lot of work!! Lol I just saw your post about paint and I must admit I agree about the emotional roller coasters. I think back to looking at my hills with primer on them and getting a little emotional too. I also must say I feel for you with the amount of work you have put in to your project. We must believe there is an end to it or we could never complete such an undertaking.
      Best of luck and God speed my friend!!

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      1. The shed will pay off for you in the long run. I estimate building outside has added 6 months to our build time (probably more) especially now. Any work on the decks we are clambering on our hands and knees. The ideal internal height would be about 20’ I recon. Best of luck with it.

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      2. Im not currently at the boat so I cant measure the ground to turrett top height. But assuming you sit the keels directly on the slab floor (no reason not to) we can work it out by the plans. The highest point is at F7 centerline. Ground to waterline = 750mm + waterline to bridgedeck = 600 + height of F7 at centerline = (from memory) around 1900. So I get 3250 total height, around 10.66 feet, giving you about 3.4′ working space above. I recon its do-able, but building the turrett does require some work on top, so there will be some hands an knees adventures!

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      3. Awesome Pete. Seems like I’m always on my knees anyway lol
        I took a few days off work to Catch up on some work here at the shop. Seems the older we get the more work gets in the way of life. Lol. Good speed my friend.

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      4. Been thinking some more about your shed. The best thing is that you will be able walk freely on the main-decks and get good access to the deck-edges. That’s been the main bugbear of our set-up. Your shed is a no lose situation: when the build is done you will have an awesome asset on your property.

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