Port hull

I will probably say this over and over but the more I get done the more excited I am.

Since a lot of the work was already done, like cutting out the frames and the assembly fixture already built, this hull took a lot less time.

If I was to do this again I would do a couple things different. For one I would recess the chines about 1-2 mm because after the fiberglass goes on and the tape on the chine it sticks out proud of the body of the hull. This means when you apply the faring and long board you end up sanding into the glass. If I had recessed the chine it would end up flush. I’m not sure how that would affect the interior but as I can tell it wouldn’t make much difference with the shelving because each shelf only needs to be flush on the leading edge.

Two, I am filleting the under side of the stringers before I roll the hull instead of upside down. I would like some feedback from other builders who have been through this.

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