The haul out.

I had a great spring and summer with fairing and primer. And hauled a hull out of my shop.

A lot of work goes into fairing as there is a lot of sanding with a long board that has to be done by hand. There are several fillers that can be used to thicken epoxy but each has a specific purpose. For instance Q-cell is a micro ballon that can be easily sanded but is porous and should not be used below the waterline. US composites has a fairing compound that is easily sanded and can be used anywhere on the boat including below the water line.

The white is Qcell and the red is the fairing compound.

Epoxy primer is another thing I had to learn about. There many types and they all have their uses. When you have spent the time you should and the primer goes on there is a serious change from a blotchy wood structure to something that looks like a boat. There are also many emotions that go with this phase of the build.

The first time I saw the first hull outside I thought WOW what a difference.

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