2 thoughts on “Starboard hull completion 

  1. Hi Jerry! Must be good to get back into it! At our end of the world we are finishing the overhaul… only the brightsides to paint this week and the non-slid deck paint to go and we are done.

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    1. Great to hear from you. It is I guess if you like sanding. Haha. The weather here is gorgeous. I heard from another builder that in cold weather his screws showed thru the paint. I’m using epoxy with cabosil. It’s harder to sand but I hope I won’t have that problem. I’m out of filler so it’s a good weekend to catch on all the little things. I’m funding out of pocket so I do extra work and so far I’ve kept up on materials. In two years I’ll have access to retirement funds and then things will hopefully speed up. I hope to see many of you Easy owners when I head off into the sunset. Good luck on your refit and hope to hear from you soon.
      And please call me Dean. Jerry is my first name. It I do t use it as that was my fathers name.

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