Rough winter

A sense of relief has come over me as the weather has changed from cold and snow to warmer and windy. There has not been a lot of boat work because epoxy needs heat to cure. I chose to use US Epoxy and it has been a dream to work with. It has very little smell and is consistent in its cure times. 

I did have some parts prepped in the fall that I could work on like the bow and the mini keel. As I read through other blogs from other builders I noticed there are many different methods of building and shaping the hard bow front. If I was to build another Sarah I would do it differently to achieve a more consistent shape. As it is it will be just fine. The propane locker is done but as is with most things we build as one offs. We learn as we go and I learned about propane tanks that are made of fiberglass that is translucent and are a smaller size. That does effect the size of the locker. 

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