This is the story of a couple building their dream, an Easy catamaran. The designer( Peter and Anne Snell) call this model a Sarah. We are building the 41st one.


Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a man with a dream of building a sailboat.

With lots of internet research I came across the website of Peter and Anne Snell called And that’s where the dream began.

My plan was never to build a boat of this magnitude but as I was looking through the Easy website I found the Easy catamarans were just that, Easy to build , Easy to sail and Easy to maintain.  There is a lot of work to be done but as I have told many people it’s just like eating an elephant, just one bite at a time. But if you are going to eat an elephant you better like elephant. And I love working with wood. And that’s what I’ll keep telling myself when I get discouraged.  While looking through the different builders sites I found many interesting stories about people just like me chasing their dream and the number of Easy catamarans accually sailing around Australia was impressive. There are well over a hundred built and sailing today. They really are I unique crowd and I am happy to be part of this family. So the journey began.

The plans were bought and the search began for materials. I chose Okume plywood and fir for the Dimensional lumber. I am using US composite epoxy and it seems to be easy and the slow hardener is blush free. I must say Windsor plywood here in Washington state is treating me pretty well as far as prices and availability of lumber. Let the festivities began.


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